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RPG Stories' World-Builder is live with Early Access!

RPG Stories' team is happy to announce that our 3D World-Builder is live on Steam for Early Access!

After we got funded on Kickstarter (October 2022) we promised that within a year we will deliver RPG Stories World-Builder VTT. Within only 6 months of development we managed to deliver the first part of the project, our massive 3D World-Builder. The team is now working hard on the VTT Multiplayer and we feel confident that we will deliver, again, sooner than expected!

There are two ways to get your Early Access Key:

Check our latest Dev Vlog:

Here is everything you need to know about this Early Access:

  • This version features more than 3.000 models. The final version will contain a lot more, more world-building features and of course the VTT multi-player.

  • We will be doing a minimum of one update per month, delivering new models, new features, and bug fixes.

  • The team is now working on the multiplayer VTT, hoping to deliver a lot sooner than promised.

  • Everything you build with RPG Stories is and will forever be commercial-free. Feel free to use your creations any way you like.

  • For as long as the project will be at early access status the price will remain lower than the final's version.

The team would like to thank everyone who helped this project come to life. We promise that we will keep working hard to deliver exactly what was promised. A new 3D VTT that will belong to the community.

"RPG Stories; It's all about Your Stories"

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