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RPG Stories is a new Virtual Tabletop featuring a massive World Builder for you to create your sessions in 3D & play with your party. Everything you need, all in one software!

We just launched our Kickstarter Campaign, which will end on the 1st of October.

Always remember, You, the backers, will get to vote on how we will spend the raised funds. This is the time to support us so that together we'll change 3D VTTs forever!


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The Community's VTT

RPG Stories will belong to the community. Everything you will create in our software and all the exports we offer are and forever will be commercial-free. In addition, we will have a marketplace open to content creators because nobody can tell a story better than you.


Always Remember: Our Supporters and Backers will vote on our final features and the kind of models we will add after our Kickstarter campaign ends.  


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Your Imagination is our limit

It really is...We get lots of questions about the number of models we will provide. Well, thousands for sure and we will cover all 3 eras; Medieval Fantasy, Modern Horror, and Sci-Fi. But the fun doesn't stop there. You'll get to customize them as well.

Is this not enough for you? You may upload your own models. Even share them or sell them to the community. This is all about your stories, not ours.


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Do not pay the price

Is it fair for everyone to pay for the whole software? Do Game Masters and Players use it in the same way? Well no, and we know it.

RPG Stories will come in two unique versions. The GM version will contain the World-Builder and the VTT play mode, and the Player version will only have the VTT play mode. That way players will have to pay a lot less and hey, if they ever decide to become GMs they may always upgrade their version.

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