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101 Battle Maps - Kickstarter

In a very busy period, with the multiplayer and the player versions just being released and, Black Friday on the way, we decided to launch a new kickstarter campaign. This article is here to explain why?

101 battle maps kickstarter rpg stories vtt

In one simple sentence the answer is: "Because we are workaholics". But there are several other reasons we are doing this.

-First, Brave Alice is a new indie studio and needs funds. We know this is obvious but we want to point out that all income from this campaign will go to RPG Stories development.

-Second, we want to try to showcase what RPG Stories can do and how people can use it to produce 2D Images as well. We hope to reach new people and especially those who prefer 2D VTTs.

-Third, we will also give to all backers the .rpgs files of these maps. This means that if you pledge for the 101 battle maps and you own RPG Stories VTT, you will be able to open these maps in the software and play or further build these scenes.

101 battle maps kickstarter rpg stories vtt

If you are interested in this project, here is all you need to know:

-All Battle Maps are created with RPG Stories World-Builder VTT in 3D and exported in 2D top view.

-We've crafted 20 unique environments, each featuring 5 battle maps, offering everything you might need for your games.

-These maps can be used for random encounters or serve as inspiration for creating entire campaigns.

-All Battle Maps will be provided with and without a grid, in the appropriate file size for VTTs, and 8K .pngs

-Additionally, we will provide ".rpgs" files to all backers. If you own RPG Stories VTT, you can open these files in the software to further enhance your scenes.

We launch tomorrow 21/11, 10:00 AM Pacific. and the campaign will last for 24 days. Support us today!

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