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  • Is RPG Stories fully released?
    RPG Stories VTT got 315% funded on Kickstarer in October 2022. Right now you can purchase Early Acces on Steam. This is a longterm product. We do monthly updates adding more models and new features.
  • What are RPG Stories Specs?
    RPG Stories is a PC and Mac software for medium specs PCs. Feel free to visit our steam page for more details.
  • Does the whole party need to purchase RPG Stories?
    Yes, everyone in the game needs to own RPG Stories. Nevertheless, wishing to lower the overall cost of the party we offer 3 different versions: The GM Version This is the full version of RPG Stories. It features the 3D World Builder and the online multiplayer. A user with this version can play as a GM or as a Player. The Player's Version This version is for players who do not want to GM and thus the 3D World Builder is not included. The user can open the software, create a character and connect to a game and play. The Player's Seat This version is for pro GMs who do not wish for their clients/players to pay for RPG Stories. If a user owns the GM Version, they can purchase as many Player's Seats as they want. Basically these are codes that can be sent to another user in order to connect to the game. There is a free download version on steam which will only work with a Player Seat's code. Disclaimer: All of the above will be available soon
  • Do you support Steam Workshop
    Yeah we do. Pay a visit and discover all the amazing creations our community posts there.
  • Do you sell 3D Models?
    No we do not. All 5k+ models in our world builder come with the GM Version.
  • You say that all your exports are commercial free. What does this mean?
    It means that you can do whatever you want with the content you create with RPG Stories and we claim no copyrights. Basically, we sell the software, you use it in any way you like. And yes, that means you may also sell your creations. Note that is your responsibility not to violate any copyrights. For instance since we allow you to combine models and create custome ones, if you manage to create an X-Wing, you might violate Disney's copyrights by selling it.
  • Can I use RPG Stories as a world builder and use the maps in other VTTs?
    Of course, you can.
  • What exactly is this RPG Stories Quest File Export?
    Everything you create with RPG Stories (Quests, Environments, Characters, Monsters, NPCs) may be exported in a single file. Anyone who uses RPG Stories will be able to open it and play with your story. These files are called .RPGs files. We offer several pre-built quests in the software and we also sell such quests in our marketplace. If you do not want to build, go ahead and get one! Remember you are free to upload/download such quests or environments to Steam Workshop, but also sell them.
  • Which Company is behind RPG Stories?
    The name of the company is Brave Alice Games and it is based in the UK although the majority of the team is Greek. You may learn more by visiting Brave Alice's website.
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