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Multiplayer is released!

Hello Brave Alice's Fans! We are more than proud to announce that the Multiplayer for RPG Stories is now live and you can start playing and testing it! All you have to do is the free steam update!

rpg stories vtt

As we already mentioned in our Dev Diary Video Steam is causing us a huge delay and didn't allow us to add the "Players' Versions" forcing us to restructure our whole steam page. Although this is not our fault it is our responsibility and that is why we decided to keep our Halloween Offers, until the Player Versions are delivered! For now the Multiplayer is fully functional between GM Versions. You can watch a full tutorial video here.

Purchasing this we will cancel all the player versions/seats you own and we will send you right away an equal amount of GM Version Keys instead. This way your friends who are waiting for their Player Version Keys will get the full GM Version forever!

rpg stories vtt

Purchasing this we will send you 4 GM Versions right away so you and your friends can start playing by next week. Giving this at a 43% Discount you get a full party keys in a lower price than the one with Player Versions!

rpg stories vtt

Disclaimer: The Player Versions & Player Seats WILL BE DELIVERED by the end of November once Steam approves our new page. YOU DO NOT have to purchase any of our offers if you do not want to. We give them only for those of you would like to start playing sooner!

We are waiting for your feedback and comments so that we can improve the online experience with our upcoming monthly updates!

Bye y'all!

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