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We got Funded!

The team is happy to announce that our first Expansion Kickstarter for RPG Stories, "Wrath of Devs", got 139% funded!

We won't lie, this was a hard one but eventually, we made it thanks to all of our great backers who believed in our dream and our efforts to make RPG Stories an amazing World-Builder / VTT for TT RPGs!

The "Wrath of Devs" Expansion will be delivered first to the backers and then its features will appear as DLCs on Steam for the rest of the world.

For now, the team is ready to start working harder than ever to deliver everything as fast as possible. Newcomers will receive the original GM Version keys immediately when Kickstarter processes the pledges and all WoD new features will be coming via monthly updates.

We will be making dev vlogs showing our progress and explaining everything we always ;)

Also very soon we will announce how and where you can Late Pledge for "Wrath of Devs".

Before we close this small article we would like to admit that the funds raised with this campaign are not what we were hoping for. The team will have to get a bit smaller but we are positive that this will not stop us from fighting to make our software better and bigger.

Our next steps will be to release a series of PDFs and STLs, all connected to our D&D homebrew world of Moonstone and, start a Patreon page.

Once again, thank you for the support!

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