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RPG Stories' Steam Workshop is up!

Hello GMs and Adventurers, RPG Stories' Team is happy to announce that our Steam Workshop is ready and you can start using it.

rpg stories steam workshop 3d world builder vtt

This new feature will help our 3D models collection to grow even further and we are excited that you will be part of this. With our latest update, you can now: 1. Create Grouped Items and Save them to your own "Custom Objects" Collection

2. Choose also to upload them to your Steam Workshop profile

3. Visit RPG Stories' Steam Workshop and start downloading custom objects from other users

4. Upload and Download whole projects instead of objects

5. Upload and Download Collections of Objects or projects

...And all these with just a few clicks!

If you are new to this, you can always watch our Tutorial Video and learn how you can be part of the fun!

We hope you will enjoy this feature and that you are excited for our next upcoming upgrade which hides lots of surprises!

RPG Stories; It's all about Your Stories!

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