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First Multiplayer VTT Test!

The time has come! RPG Stories' team tested the 1st version of the multiplayer VTT, playing a dungeons and dragons session for the first time!

The testing had some issues but we are definitely in the right direction! We cannot describe how proud and happy we are and how many times Agis, the director, screamed "We are doing this, we are doing this!". To be completely honest the Greek version sounded a lot more funnier.

Playtesting in RPG Stories, also made us realize what kind of features we could add in the future and gave us a clearer image of what we need to do to deliver an early access version to all of you. Stay tuned!

For the history, no one died in this session although Zotos' Minotaur-Ranger was severely wounded at some point. You can see him laughing about it in the screenshot above.

The party headed to a small village called Kaben, where they failed to understand what was happening and fell into the trap of an evil Priest. We stopped at a cliffhanger, where they are trapped in a gorge ready to face a hill giant (yes they are just level 1)!

Keep in mind that a new RPG Stories update is coming this Friday, with post-apocalyptic assets and a few more surprises and fixes. As for the is on the way!

RPG Stories' Team

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