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Create your own Random Generators

Hello GMs and Adventurers,

As we announced a week ago, our company, Brave Alice, is in collaboration with Mythmere Games and Matt Finch in order to create a Digital Version of the famous Tome of Adventure Design.

Tome of adventure design fantasy adventure builder

In this new software you will be able to create hundreds of quests with just one click and also use other Random Generators that we created for you.

The feature that we love the most is the ability we give you to create your Own Generators and share them via Steam Workshop. We are not only talking about simple generated rolls from a list of things. With Fantasy Adventure builder you can create complex generators using your own imagination or your favourite AI Chat, not only for D&D like games, but for any TT RPG you like.

We cannot wait to see what amazing Generators you will create with this tool!

Tome of adventure design fantasy adventure builder

Our combined Kickstarter Campaign will launch in early October and we will deliver the keys right away in case we get funded ;)

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