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Bloodlines 5e

Blood, Betrayal & Unholy Alliances!

We are happy to announce that our collaboration with our friends in the StoryForge team continues!

After the successful Kickstarter Campaign "SnowBlind" we are back to business with them, presenting a bloodthirsty 5e-compatible project!

Once again, StoryForge has prepared a well-written and tested module that introduces seven vampire houses, each vying for supremacy through cunning, strength, and ancient magic. With Bloodlines you get to be part of a new type of D&D where unlimited power, politics, and, unholy alliances determine the game!

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Intricate Power Dynamics: Choose from seven distinct vampire houses. Characters can form alliances, wield influence, or stab backs (literally) to climb the ranks of vampiric supremacy... and claim the throne of shadows!

  • Detailed STL Files: Our exclusively designed STL files are dripping with detail, perfect for bringing the eerie atmosphere right to your gaming table.

  • Adventure PDF: Dive into an introductory adventure that leads into seven meticulously crafted quests. Plus, enjoy a new streamlined system for tracking progression through the ranks of vampire elite—easy to manage but rich in strategic depth.

As you might have already suspected, we, Brave Alice Games, are creating the STLs and we are ready to showcase a bit of what Helen Rousou, our 3D artist, is creating for you!

It would be awesome to see you following and backing one more project by us! This community is growing every day and we feel blessed we have you on our side!

PS: You may also check our STL Collection here!

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