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Treasure Hunting (.rpgs) is a collection of 3 Pre-Build Quests for D&D-like Games, within RPG STories VTT. By purchasing this product you will get 3 .RPGs files, which you may open with RPG Stories VTT and play online with your friends.


The Quest "Dragon of Avagada" is given here as part of the collection but you can find it for free in RPG Stories.


This collection contains three treasure maps.  All three treasure hunting-mini quests follow the same logic. The PCs must first visit certain areas and complete certain tasks before they are able to visit the actual treasure area and claim the spoils. 

Treasure Hunting (.rpgs)

£4.99 Regular Price
£3.49Sale Price
  • Opening the .rpgs files with RPG Stories VTT you will be able to:


    • Read each quest's detailed storylines in the Journal.
    • Adjust the environments, the monsters, and the fog of war if you want to.
    • Invite your friends and play online
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