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"The human Empire of Eredia has discovered a huge island with an ancient ruined civilization called "Avagada". The island is full of rocky deserts and small oases with lakes and rivers.


In the name of the Emperor, the castle-town of Spinish was built and the exploration began. In less than 3 months Spinish has expanded founding two war camps and a gold mine.


However, anyone that crosses the sierra of Death, the mountains that divide the island, never comes back."

The Secrets of Avagada

£12.00 Regular Price
£4.99Sale Price
  • This adventure takes place in RPG Stories' WorldSet of Moonstone and is a prequel to the zine quest "The Dragon of Avagada".



    • 47 Pages PDF 
    • Detailed Maps and Images for the GM
    • Detailed Maps and Images to use on VTTs
    • You can easily adjust it to your preferable WorldSet
    • You can play it with any Medieval Fantasy Tabletop RPG System


    Creator: RPG Stories Team


    "Lord of Spinish, Ser Callahan, is looking for the best adventurers to map the island of Avagada, discover its treasures, and share them with the kingdom."

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