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RPG Stories - Wrath of Devs is an expansion for the original GM Version of RPG Stories VTT. 


Watch a trailer here.


Our Expansion Kickstarter Campaign got 139% funded in May 2024 and this is your chance to late pledge for all promised features. Please read carefully the info about this product.

Rpg Stories | Wrath of Devs

    1. This is a Late Pledge for our successful Kickstarter Campaign "RPG Stories - Wrath of Devs" which took place in May 2024.
    2. This is your chance to late pledge for Wrath of Devs and get all our upcoming expansion features sooner than the general public but also at a much lower price.
    3. By Late Pledging you will be considered a Backer with the same benefits our backers have (Discord roles, early access etc).
    4. You need to have the GM Version in order to activate the Wrath of Devs expansion features.
    5. If you do not own the GM Version you can purchase it here or via Steam.
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