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RPG Stories | Unlock Players SEATS


RPG Stories is a new 3D Virtual Tabletop featuring a massive World Builder for you to create your sessions and play with your party any kind of Tabletop Role-Playing Game; Medieval Fantasy, Modern Horror, or Sci-fi! Everything you need, all in one software!


This is the Unlock Players Seats DLC of RPG Stories that allows you to invite up to 10 players to your online sessions. The difference between this feature and the normal player versions is that the said 10 players do not have to pay in order to play. They only need to download our free Demo via steam.

RPG Stories DLC | Unlock Players Seats

£150.00 Regular Price
£112.50Sale Price
  • This DLC will upgrade your GM Version allowing you to invite up to 10 players who DO NOT need to pay to play.


    • This DLC is attached to your GM Version. This can only be used if you own a GM version

    • Having Player Seats attached to your GM Version you can invite anyone to play as a player, even those who do not own an RPG Stories copy

    • You can give these seats to different users each time. This version addresses Pro Gms who do not want to ask their clients to pay anything for the software.

    • The Players only need to download the Free Demo of RPG Stories via Steam

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