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Fantasy Adventure Builder (TM) is a PC/Mac software product that helps you build creative adventures for fantasy roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, and similar games. 


Many tabletop gamers may already be familiar with the Tome of Adventure Design, from Mythmere Games and this software takes it to the next level.


Purchasing FAB via our website you will receive a Steam Key within 24 hours and a Stand Alone .exe in case you do not want to use Steam or Steam Workshop.

Fantasy Adventure Builder

£19.90 Regular Price
£13.93Sale Price
  • With Fantasy Adventure Builder you can do the following:


    • The Adventure Design Tool lets you generate results from the Tome of Adventure Design with a single click of the mouse, and to browse through multiple table-results all at once. Sub-tables are rolled and displayed automatically.
    • The Table Designer Tool lets you create your own generators for anything you can imagine, such as encounter tables, NPCs, and name-generators
    • The My Generators Section is where you can save the genrators you create or you download from other users via steam workshop and use them as you play.
  • You can watch a Video presentation here.


    You can check our FAB tutorial here.

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