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"101 Battle Maps" was a Kickstarter Campaign by Brave Alice Games that was 350% funded. After reaching our Kickstarter Stretch Goals we ended up with 111 Battle Maps.


Our vast collection contains 111 Battle Maps, for D&D-like games, that were created within RPG Stories and exported in 2D to be imported to any VTT or to be used around the table. Purchasing this you will get the 2D Maps, plus the .RPGs files to open then with RPG Stories VTT.

101 Battle Maps

  • By purchasing "101 Battle Maps" you will get 101+ 2D Battle Maps, with and without Grid, in proper file size for VTTs.


    All Battle Maps are created within RPG Stories VTT and alongside the 2D files you will get the special .RPGs export files, that will allow you to load these maps within RPG Stories VTT and use them in 3D.


    We created 5 maps in 22 different environments. Any D&D-like terrain you can imagine is in this collection. From forests to dungeons to the..."weird stuff". Enjoy!

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