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Moonstone World

Welcome to the World of Moonstone, our Homebrew Worldset for Medieval fantasy TT RPGs.

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"Paradox! Oh well..! Do you think this is weird?!?"


Join us on a long and dangerous journey!

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Light and Darkness step into Shartia’s void and all they see is Chaos in a form no God ever encountered. Light transforms to Akarut, Darkness transforms to Zoda and united do battle. Chaos responses and the clashes of the eternal battle create a massive glob of mortal matter in space.


Akarut touches Zoda and Zoda touches Akarut and Natrutat, daughter of the Gods is born in the form of a silver moon. Chaos attacks the moon with rath and cracks a tiny piece of it, corrupting it in his hands. The two Greater Gods alongside their wounded daughter retaliate in agony and Chaos vanishes into deep space allowing life to grow.


The small corrupted moonstone falls into the mortal glob of matter and gets lost. Light creates good and Darkness creates evil, Natruta who so much loved her parents creates balance. Together they work and create Shartia reforming the mortal globe of matter into earth, water, air, fire, and ether. Life thrives upon the lands and seas of Shartia. The three Gods give an oath to never interfere with the mortal world and let it be. Chaos is no more.


The Travels of Bundashur

Moonstone is a world in which when created, the Gods never managed to fully cast away Chaos. Throughout history, the forces of good and evil were forced to unite and battle the demonic forces of Chaos, which found a way to re-enter Moonstone’s domain.


Some of these alliances rose victorious but others failed to lead the world to great restarts. It is a world of great sea explorers and treasure hunters seeking wealth and glory in the ruins of old civilizations long gone

  • 39 BC (Before Division)

A great farewell ceremony takes place in the great port of Ered. The people of the Empire wishes good luck to the explorers. As the ships set sail and in a moment of agony, Delilah, Bundashur’s betrothed runs to the edge of the quay shouting “Bundashur! Bundashur! I will always be here for you!”

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