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June 25th - July 25th

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In collaboration with the "Story Forge" team, we are happy to announce our new Kickstarter project, "Bloodlines".

Story Forge has prepared a well-written and tested module introducing seven vampire houses, each vying for supremacy through cunning, strength, and ancient magic.


With Bloodlines you get to be part of a new type of D&D where unlimited power, politics, and, unholy alliances determine the game!


Here’s why you’ll love it:


  • Intricate Power Dynamics: Choose from seven distinct vampire houses. Characters can form alliances, wield influence, or stab backs (literally) to climb the ranks of vampiric supremacy... and claim the throne of shadows!

  • Adventure PDF: Dive into an introductory adventure that leads into seven meticulously crafted quests. Plus, enjoy a new streamlined system for tracking progression through the ranks of vampire elite—easy to manage but rich in strategic depth.

  • Detailed STL Files: Our exclusively designed STL files are dripping with detail, perfect for bringing the eerie atmosphere right to your gaming table.


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